Based at Dalgety Bay Campus

Compressed Course - Total 6 SCH                             £800.00

Certificate Year - Total 30 SCH                                    £1,800.00

Diploma Year - Next 30 SCH                                       £1,800.00

Evaluation & Final Year - Total 120 SCH                    Costs depend on Evaluation of Prior Learning

                                                                                        submitted for consideration. An individual cost

                                                                                         will be given to complete the Bachelor Degree

Bachelor Degree                                                          £7,400.00 without prior learning calculation


Distance Learning UK only

Bachelor Degree                                                         £7,665.00


Master and Doctoral Degree

Master Degree at 45, 60, and 90 SCH are available.

Doctoral Degree programmes are also available.

Each application will be individually evaluated. Please contact us for more details.

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