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What will it be like to study at Logos European College?

Each Unit uses the same basic methodology.

For Students attending the College the lecture is given, in a one day session.

At the start of the lecture you will be issued with:

  • a Specification for the subject (which gives details of what it covers)
  • the Reading List
  • The Assignment for the Unit
  • The Textbooks (the cost of which is already included in the Course Fees)

You then have one month to complete your Assignment. This can be done either by working at home or by attending Tutorial Sessions at the College where the Assignment can be completed.  The key point to remember is to always take care to fully understand and address the set question.  If you do that - you will do well.

For each subject a Report is the usual Assignment and there also is a short Book Overview to be completed which simply asks you to record your thoughts and reactions to the Textbooks.

Students who are Distance Learning follow the same procedure but all the paperwork and books will be posted out to them along with the Unit Lecture on CDs.  Completed Assignments can be posted, emailed or handed in to the College.

Once completed, the Assignments will be marked and detailed, written feedback given on what was done well and what can be improved.  When the pass mark is achieved then you have earned 3 Semester Credit Hours (SCH) towards your final qualification.

Whether on Campus, or studying fully home based, the College Tutors are always available to help - and you are actively encouraged to phone, email or Skype contact with the College at any point during your Course for help, advice and guidance.

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