The standard Courses we offer at Logos European College are either:

  • Diploma in Biblical Studies
  • Diploma in Pastoral Ministry
  • Diploma in Jewish Studies

Those wishing to study towards a Diploma in Biblical Studies must already hold a Certificate in Biblical studies from LEC or an equivalent qualification.  This Course builds on the foundation laid down on the Certificate Course and brings in more complex and challenging topics which test the Students' thinking and assumptions and builds understanding of the Word of God and the world in which we live.

The Student either attends the College for the monthly lecture and completes the Course work during the month in their own home or can opt to study by distance learning and receive the lecture package in CD format with the time factors as the Certificate Course.

To obtain a Diploma, the Student must obtain a further 30 credits (30 SCH) binging their total credits to 60 SCH.  Diplomas are awarded by Logos European College.

The cost is on the Fees page.

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