Bachelor Degree

We offer two types of Degree Courses.

For those with the general education component:

  • Bachelor of Religious Arts in Biblical Studies
  • Bachelor of Religious Arts in Pastoral Studies
  • Bachelor of Religious Arts in Jewish Studies

And for those without the general education component, we offer:

  • Bachelor of Biblical Studies
  • Bachelor of Pastoral Ministry
  • Bachelor of Jewish Studies

Prior to the final year, an evaluation of Prior Learning and any other submissions is made, and a Personal Study Programme based on the number of Courses required to complete the Bachelor Degree is then generated for each Student.  To obtain the Bachelor of Religious Arts Degree the Student must obtain a further 60 credits (60 SCH) made of Prior Learning and Life Experience Credits and further Courses bringing them to a total of 120 SCH.

As part of the final year Course we also have a number of Units for double Credit (6 SCH), one of which is usually the last Unit to be completed, which is the Bachelor Degree Project.  This is where the Student identifies a subject in which they are interested and undertakes an agreed project of either academic or practical significance.  This guarantees that the Degree you obtain will be practical and relevant to your needs and interests.


Our Degrees are awarded by Logos Christian University, Jacksonville, Florida, USA.


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