College History

The College was fonded in 1994 with the aim of providing courses leading to a Degree in Biblical Studies.  Originally named Cornerstone College, it was an extension campus of Logos Christian College and Graduate School based in Jacksonville, Florida, USA.  Its first Student intake was drawn from local Christian Churches but later widened its Student body to include those from other parts of the UK Europe and North America.

Offering an American Degree held many advantages in that the USA College issuing the Degrees is thoroughly Bible based in its practices.  It also brought to our Campus proven teaching methods that introduced new concepts of delivering Course materials.  To develop this concept for the UK and Europe the Courses were unitised, the teaching materials became more technologically used using modern information and communication systems for delivery of its courses.  The relevant and complementary study materials were easily sourced both locally and internationally.

The Bachelor Degree is the accepted benchmark for most pastoral and leadership positions in both USA and European Churches.  The American Bachelor Degree ia usually taken over four years of study at the rate of 30 Semester Credit Hours per year - on a part time basis allowing Students to continue in emploment and minimising disruption to family life while studying.  Each Course is normally worth 3 SCH with a selected few at 6 SCH to cover more extensive projects, practical work or research.  The whole Degree requires 120 SCH of Credit.

The concept of Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL) has been in existence in the American System for many years and known there as Life Credit or Advanced Standing.  In order to offer a 3 year Bachelor Degree - such as is available from British Colleges - the Degree offered by the College was developed to incorporate APL by evaluation of each Student at the half way point of the Degree allowing a study programme to completion of the Degree to be generated.

As an expansion to the Bachelor of Religious Arts in Biblical Studies alternative specialist disciplines have been developed to include Pastroral Ministry and Jewish Studies as the major subjects for a Bachelor Degree.  Graduate Degrees at Masters and Doctoral levels have been established in Biblical Studies, Pastoral Ministry and Jewish Studies.

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